What is Express Entry?


Express Entry is a method by which an individual can apply for Canadian Immigration. The person can see how many points he/she can obtain. The points required for selection for Canadian Immigration vary every time people are selected for Canadian Immigration. The selection is made often - could happen more than once in a month or once a month or once in more than a month. Usually the cut off points have been around 450. Up till last month (November 2016), individuals who had a job offer were getting 600 points. However, this is no more the case. As of now (Dec 10, 2016) a person can get a maximum of 200 points for job offer - but this is for certain senior management positions. This is most likely to support individuals in senior management so that they come to Canada and create jobs through better management skills. Most of the individuals will now qualify for 50 points for Job Offer. 

Points can be increase by ensuring that you claim every point that you qualify for. Sometimes this is not easy as you are not aware of all the options that are available. We assist our clients in creating Express Entry profiles and maximizing their points. Please note that while the number of points from an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) are reduced, LMIAs are still very important. An LMIA will get you 50 points, moreover, to be able to enter Canada on a work permit, an LMIA is usually required (unless you come under one of the LMIA exempt categories.

The new structure of points is going to benefit student in Canada. To be able to obtain information specific to your situation you can fill up our Assessment link